Woodland Hardware Services

We know that there are times that you are just looking for someone to help you get your project started off right. That is why Woodland Hardware & Home offers a variety of services to help you get exactly what you need to get your project completed. Give us a call or stop in today to ask us how we can help you with some of these services.

Key Cutting

Key Cutting

There is nothing worse than losing a key. But you can be prepared for that situation by having a spare created by our helpful team at Woodland Hardware & Home. Stop by to get a new key put together quickly and the right way so that you are always prepared. 

Equipment Servicing

Stihl Equipment Servicing

Our trained and experienced team at Woodland Hardware & Home is able to work on any Stihl Power Equipment. As an authorized repair center for Stihl Power Equipment, Woodland Hardware & Home can help you keep your products running smooth year around. 

Pipe Cutting

Pipe Cutting & Threading

It can be difficult to finish a plumbing project when you just don't have the right tools. Well don't worry, at Woodland Hardware & Home we can help you get your plumbing projects off to the right start by cutting and threading pipe for you right in our store. Stop in before your next plumbing project.

Propane Refills

Propane Refills

When you run out of propane during the big event, or even when just cooking on the grill for the family know that Woodland Hardware & Home has your back. We can refill your propane take so that you can get back to cooking like a pro. It is quick and and easy, just stop by the store and ask one of our friendly team members to help you.

Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting

Glass cutting is not a difficult job, when you have experienced staff with the right tools to do it. Our team at Woodland Hardware & Home can help you by cutting a variety of different glasses, windows, mirrors, and more. Give us a call or stop in for a quote today.


Rental Equipment

You may not have the storage or the need to keep tones of tools and equipment laying around your house. Well don't worry, Woodland Hardware & Home has tons of tools and power equipment that you can rent and bring back so it doesn't clutter up your work area for the next project. Check out our Rental page for more information.

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